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Terms of Use

1- Terms of Use

Dewiring terms of service contains vital information about your rights. The summary provided here is not a part of its official terms & conditions and hence it becomes important to read and understand each section carefully. A) The agreement - the users agree to abide by some basic rules while using the platform. These basic norms are defined in the terms of services, which includes the related guidelines and policies discussed within. The usage of the terms 'dewiring', 'we', 'us' and 'our' include our affiliates. The usage of terms 'you' and 'your' mean any person or entity or on behalf of an organization using our platform. The term 'platform' refers to a website, application or related services offered by dewiring (this shall include the content and the electronic communications we send. The terms of service or agreement referred to are a part of this document. A.1) dewiring allows you and other users to form groups, create events, upload appropriate pictures and videos A.2) These terms are applicable to both you and dewiring and not with other members. Your being on this site and using the platform simply means that you agree to the agreement and rules. If in case you do not or are unable to agree to the terms please refrain from using the platform A.3) The agreement or terms may be modified from time to time with or without notice. When we do change, we will provide the current version by publishing the date and revised version on the bottom of this page B.1) Dewiring controls and organizes the membership and content of the site but does not hold responsibility for the information and content provided by the users. In case of violation or inappropriate usage, we may delete your account or remove any content you post at any time if required. B.2) You should be at least 17 years old and any additional eligibility and documents may be required by a member who is authorized to manage or moderate the platform. B.3) Also, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of your password and non-sharing of dewiring credentials. Like we respect the rights of others, we expect the same from you. You are responsible for your account and we may have to disable the account if necessary unless notified of the security breach. B.4) Data/Information protection is everyone's responsibility, for not just your own but of others as well and we at dewiring reserve the right to suspend the account in our sole discretion if there is a violation. This is in the best interest of the dewiring community and to safeguard the brand and platform. B.5) The rules may change from time to time. Usage of this site by you shall be considered as your consent to follow each of the terms set above. dewiring reserves the right to make changes to this site and to the terms and conditions with/without prior notice. You should review this agreement each time you access this site and look for updates. If you have any concerns about the agreement, please feel free to contact us on We would be happy to clarify the same.