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Privacy Policy

Who we are?

dewiring (hereinafter referred as "we", "us" and "our") is a social professional network which handles privacy and data protection of its users (hereinafter referred to as "You" "Your" "Yourself") seriously. PLEASE READ THE PRIVACY POLICY CAREFULLY.

What information do we collect?

Our Privacy Policy/Terms of Use are truly designed for your benefits to safeguard and protect the information submitted on, if you have any queries/questions on the privacy practices, please contact us at Your privacy is important to us and to protect your privacy, we provide this document explaining our online privacy practices and the choices you can have about the way your information is collected and used.

How do we use personal information?

dewiring does not sell any personal information to any third parties. We do not disclose it to others - except the information provided by you which is required for the services of the website, meaning - to let you buy, sell, share the products you want to share on the site, pay for products, post reviews and so on. For example, this may include things like: personalization of content, business information or user experience account set up and administration, internal research and development purposes, providing goods and services, preventing frauds, meeting internal audit requirements.

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

We only collect information that you provide us or voluntarily share with other users, and also some generic technical information that is automatically gathered by the systems, such as IP address, browser information for better user experience.

When do we share personal data?

Information that you provide us in the process of the registration will not only remain private but also secure - including your contact information. Information that you choose to publish on the site (music, reviews, products, photos, videos, text) - is no longer private, just like any other information you publish online.

Where do we store and process personal data?

Technical information that is gathered by dewiring systems, or third-party systems, automatically may be used for the website operation, optimization, analytics, content promotion and enhancement of user experience.

How do we secure personal data?

We may use your information to contact you - to provide notices related to your activities or offer you promotions and general updates, but we will not let any other person, including sellers and buyers, contact you, other than through your user login. We strive to protect data against accidental loss, to prevent unauthorized access, use, destruction or disclosure to restrict access to personal information, to manage third-party risks, through the use of contracts and security reviews.

How long do we keep your personal data for?

We will keep the information and retain it only in relation to processing purpose each time. We safeguard data even after we no longer need it.

Your rights in relation to personal data

You can exercise the right to privacy of your data requests. This can be done by settings and contacting us.

Use of cover photo

Your cover photo is automated and is common for everyone on the platform. This may or may not change over time.

How to contact us?

You may use the form to contact us or on the email While we do respond to all queries but it might not be possible to reach out to you immediately at all times.

Use of cookies and other technologies

We use cookies to enable you to have better user experience and personalized browsing experience.

The above are just the highlights. We encourage you to read more about the information we collect, how do we use it, understand what is the meaning of 'cookie' and more in the long version of our privacy policy.