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About dewiring
dewiring v1.5.6.2 is a networking platform. With our new features, a user can like-dislike, wonder, posts - photos and videos, start forums and showcase their skill set.

1- About our website

dewiring is a blend of Social-Professional networking. With our new features, the user can now like-dislike posts, take photos, videos, create groups etc. and express via different mediums for the world to witness. dewiring brings people together across the world to bring the best in them. It is built around one simple idea: we’re at our best when we are connected together. That is what dewiring does, it brings people together to pursue more, explore, showcase skills and learn from each other. What else can you do: post videos, thanks to videos @ dewiring. Enhance careers, thanks to blogs @ dewiring. Buy/Sell products, thanks to products @ dewiring and much more. At dewiring, people connect with others, talk, mentor, and support each other – all out to act, progress, move together and get alive.