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ViaraDaxx : You bear in mind those moments in movies, when the guy is close to obtaining the woman but one thing goes very wrong-his tool malfunctions. Whether he finishes early on or cannot rise to the occasion, we have a tendency to taunt the manner our male characters cope with their seeming demise of their manhood. However, the reality of sexual malfunction isn't nearly as comical. In real life, the girl goes home empty handed, and the guy finds himself spending the next few nights aware of nothing but his own hands to comfort him.

Let's revisit some of the high male performance let downs in cinematic history.American Pie-When virgin Jim (Jason Biggs) finally gets the attractive foreign exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) in his bed, the thrill is too much for him to contain. His inability to refrain from prematurely ejaculating leaves him untouched by Nadia and still a virgin before prom night. Over excitement including an inability to regulate your member can leave you unable to satisfy your partner and spending many nights alone.