Best Pregnancy Pillow Australia

Why the Best Pregnancy Pillow is Worth the Investment

There are plenty of pregnancy pillows on the market, and many of them are overpriced and under-effective. But if you’re pregnant and looking to find the best pregnancy pillow Australia has to offer, there are definitely some things you should look out for before making your purchase. These include pillow size, fillers, cover material, and more! Let’s take a look at these features so you can be sure you end up with the right product.

 The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Side sleepers tend to need a little more support than other sleeping positions, and that’s where pregnancy pillows like The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow come in. This pillow was designed specifically with pregnant women in mind: it cradles your belly so it can be used after birth as well, making it one of our top recommendations for expecting mothers.

 Choosing Your Best Body Pillow

When it comes to finding your best pregnancy pillow, there are a lot of things to consider. Not only do you need to consider your sleeping habits and preferred sleeping position, but also how much time you’re willing to spend in search of it. Just like mattresses, pillows are all different. While one person may find immediate relief with a certain body pillow brand or type, another person might not benefit as much from that same body pillow.

 Positioning the Pregnancy Body Pillow Correctly

Before heading to bed each night, it’s important to put your pregnancy body pillow in its correct position. Most pillows arrive pre-fluffed so that they can be used straight away. Check your pillow’s care label for any specific instructions regarding fluffing or opening up of fillings. Many pillows contain a zip which allows you to remove some of their contents for optimal positioning during sleep.


If you want a good night’s sleep and a comfortable pregnancy, invest in a good quality pregnancy pillow. The most popular maternity pillows are made of memory foam and include an adjustable strap that allows you to customize your comfort level. Memory foam conforms to your body shape for superior support, helping with pain relief and better blood circulation. With so many benefits, it’s clear why doctors and midwives recommend maternity pillows for pregnant women!