Same Day Gift Delivery Service in Calgary

The Plantsie is Calgary's home for unique gifts and gift delivery service! We work hard to help you make an impression with every gift you give.

When you are looking for a gift delivery service in Calgary, you may need a gift to get to someone quickly. For same-day gift delivery in Calgary, Plantsie is an excellent option!

A Plantsie is a customized plant that you can make to best suit the personality of your intended recipient. You can choose the specific plant you’d like based on the name of the plant, what they are known to symbolize, their water and light requirements, and any of their other properties including whether they are safe for kids and pets to come in touch with.

Once you’ve chosen the plant that is just right, you get to choose the pot the plant comes in. We have a variety of designs, shapes, and colors of plant pots that can be chosen from. You can also see what each option looks like around your plant to get a sense of which one will look the best. Getting your plant and pot matched up is an important part of the selection process that we try to make as seamless and simple as possible with all information right there at your fingertips.

Next, you decide about the messaging you want to include with your plant. There are numerous pre-made notes that you can send such as choosing for a friend, colleague, loved one, partner, or child. You can also select the message for a boss, best friend, or for a certain holiday such as Valentine’s Day or a birthday. You can also choose to add your own personalized message that we will include with the Plantsie when it is packaged up.

Each Plantsie is lovingly wrapped in a box to protect it during transport. The wrapping, box, and all materials are recyclable which makes this one of the best gift delivery services in Calgary, especially for those that are environmentally conscious. Your earth lover will be thrilled that their gift does not add waste to the environment and can be used again in new items.

Though Plantsie’s can be picked up at our store location, most will choose to have the gift delivery option in Calgary to ensure their gift arrives exactly when they want it to. Our team will follow your selections to put together a beautiful, unique, and thoughtful gift for your friend or loved one. They compile your plant, pot, and message selections and add any pops of fun, color, or additional messaging your request. They will carefully wrap it in the recyclable materials and package it for delivery to yet person you have ordered it for. And all of this can happen on the same day you order it!

When the idea strikes you at the last minute to send a gift to someone, you can count on Plantsie to provide excellent products and perfect customer service. We will design a gift that your recipient will be thrilled to receive and will truly enjoy the uniqueness of the gift.

Give us a call today or visit our website to learn more or to place your order now.