Cryptocurrency exchange script available in white label

White label cryptocurrency exchange solution that solves development obstacles

We may have come across many cryptocurrency exchanges in the past decade. But have we thought of creating a new exchange of our own idea that solves some of the major problems current exchanges can’t. If you think about this, this article can get you there. Hivelance have exclusively created a cryptocurrency exchange script that is designed for making new crypto exchanges on a large scale.


Who can use it?


  • Low code knowledge - The aspiring developers having little expertise in technical development but having a visionary idea in process.


  • Entrepreneurs - The successful entrepreneurs who are not ready to waste their time in technical development and iteration. 


  • Token owners - People who have their own cryptocurrency tokens ready and wish to list their own tokens in exchange.


Security threats


There are many security threats in some of the major crypto exchanges even though they are built to high standards. The problem is who developed them in the backend. People who are having the previous experience in building exchanges have the capability to develop an exchange with safety standards. 


Affordable cost


We are not like every average IT company to charge you more than what it is meant. You will be surprised to hear the price of our cryptocurrency exchange script. It is affordable, developer friendly, clean structure with high security. Feel free to get the price here. 


Need no techie


The problem solvers or entrepreneurs need not to be well wise in development knowledge to solve the major crisis. That’s why we at Hivelance technologies developed a cryptocurrency exchange script (i.e. The collection of programming language codes that enables anyone to launch the crypto exchange).  


Our script can perform multi functions similar to what major exchanges like Binance, WazirX, Coin Switch, Coinbase can do. Sounds fascinating right? We have many more things like add-ons you can choose to deploy whatever feature you want in the exchange.Furthermore, you can convert the website into the exchange app if you need.  Some of the most asked questions about our crypto exchange script have been answered here. Have an inner look at that. 


Features to look


  • User onboarding - Make your exchange users have hasslefree user registration and verification  with the help of two factor authentication anti bot verification.


  • Trading engine - Advanced trading software that do buy sell order matching, price calculation, order accessing, automatic transactions and more.


  • Best UI - Appealing to every user who doesn't have much experience in trading. Super looking interface that carries every functionality easy to use.


  • Wallet Integration - Efficient setup of hot wallet cold wallet that supports 100+ cryptocurrency. Banking integration with Payment processors adds extra safety to your exchange.

  • API support - We pre-engineered every public private API that are essential needs of the crypto exchanges to run. Focus on your exchange, not API.


  • Admin panel - Listing cryptocurrencies, setting up trading fees, responding to support systems in a super fast way without compromising secured login.


White label full source code


The company gives you the freedom you need to set up your branding in cryptocurrency exchange. No watermarks, don’t ask you for license renewal, or limit you with the default template option. The White label cryptocurrency exchange source code is built for super people who have the vision to build the greatest crypto exchange on the planet. You can buy this ready to use template and make your own materials to go on the market. Full source code given with A-Z customer support.