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Liberal couples are becoming more and more fashionable

Considering yourself a liberal couple can range from establishing more 'light' agreements to total sexual permissiveness . For example, some people consider that they are in a liberal relationship simply because they have determined that it is better for each of them to live in their own house. So they have their own space and independence. While for others being an open couple means sharing sex with third parties or each sleeping with whoever they want on their own.

The escorts for couples appear to satisfy the needs of this latest model of liberal couples . For those who want to share a bed with a person outside their relationship, but for whom they both feel attraction.

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Who has not wanted to sleep with someone who was not their boyfriend/girlfriend and that would not have consequences? It is the recurring desire of most people. But generally the idea we have of "relationship" is the traditional one: two individuals who love each other and can only have sex with each other.

That is why when we have lustful thoughts towards someone who is not our partner, we tend to mitigate them. Or if in the end we fall into temptation, we tend to hide that we have slept with another or other people.