6 Tips For Choosing Prizes For Your Trade Show Prize Wheel Game

Trade shows are marketing activities that are considered the most effective in the business world today.

Choosing prizes seems like something that does not require much attention, but implementing a good strategy for your give-away prizes can enhance your connection with potential clients. Here are 6 tips necessary for choosing prizes for your trade show prize wheel game. 

Give Away A Big Prize

Consider every person who comes to your trading show a potential client, and proper interactive game strategies should be factored in. It is a vital thing to have a custom spin wheel that offers big prizes on give-away products. Most people will be tempted to play the game as much as they can despite being aware that the chances of winning such big prizes are minimal. This will enable you to get time to engage them positively as you get some vital information that can be useful later. 

Offer Varying Levels of Prizes

After establishing a big prize, it is essential to offer varying levels of prizes ranging from low, middle, and highly prized gifts. The high level should contain about five to ten percent of the prizes to capture people’s attention at the trading show, despite not wanting to give away too much. The middle-level prizes could range between thirty to forty percent of what you want to give away. These prizes should be of high quality that will excite people when they win. 

The lowest level of the prize will determine the bulk of what you give away. These are cheap prizes that people will enjoy winning, such as gift cards. 

Include Trendy Things

Trade show owners should custom spin wheels to include trendy things to attract their customers. Your big prize should be trendy and luxurious. For example, people usually wish they could have those items, but they cannot spend much of their money on them. 

Put Your Logo on Giveaways

The most important feature to be considered on give-away products should be either your personal logo or the company’s logo. Inserting a logo or branding your give-away products helps in building a firm connection between your clients and your company. Whether it is a t-shirt, a mug, a phone charger, or a water bottle, your logo will be seen everywhere the item goes. 

Give Away Your Products

Your give-away products should be given to customers to market and promote your business. You can also decide to give a considerate discount on your products. This will enable you to determine how interested your customers are in winning the product, and in case they redeem the prize, you will be able to easily track the sale.

Consider Your Customers’ Demographics

When choosing a prize, consider the buyer’s demographics. Think about the person you are trying to entice in terms of their levels of income, career, education, and how much exposure they have. You may offer them prizes that may not excite them, thus stopping them from revisiting your trade show. 

These tips are essential for either a regular prize wheel or a Virtual Prize Wheel Game because they will enable you to choose prizes that best fit your audience. Always ensure that those clients, who visit the booth, go home happier than they came.