Tips to Write a Great Scholarship Essay

How to create a great scholarship essay by using the tricks to form a narrative essay.

Tips to Curate an Impactful Scholarship Essay


Scholarships play a huge role in the life of an aspiring student. They deal with the financial aspect of one’s study, which is a detrimental factor of the career choice and graph.

The topics of the scholarship essays are pretty straightforward, but they are far from easy to write. A huge reason behind it is that they seem easy at first, but the difficulty increases with every word you attempt to write.


In this blog, we will help you with the tricks that will help you create a scholarship essay to spellbound your reviewer. Let’s get started.


Here are the Ways by Which You Can Create a Narrative Essay for Greater Impact:


Don’t Skip the Planning

This is the phase that decides the fate of your essay, so don’t shirk your responsibilities here. Planning is an essential part of essay writing. You need to jot down the points that you are going to elaborate, along with the basic structure of your essay. This helps you to not only create an impactful essay, but also to create one faster.


Create a Strong Introduction

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression. We cannot on this point more than this quote which holds true in most cases. When you write an essay, an introduction is the first thing that your reviewer is subject to. When it is made with panache, it does play its part. Devote some time on the introduction, and take benefits of the returns.


Follow Structure

When you are in the planning phase, you create a structure of the content which you need to follow. But apart from that, there is also the structure of the essay, which includes headings, sub headings, keywords, highlights, points to note, etc. These should be emboldened or italicised, with a few underlines on the priority points. They make the work easier for the reviewer, which undoubtedly gets more points in your favour.


Pour in Your Emotions

Always remember, these topics are supposed to be written from the heart. You are conveying directly to someone who is going to decide whether you deserve the scholarship or not. You need to form direct contact with the other person, which is best achieved through the human touch.


Use your emotions precisely, add in a bit of humour, a backstory, a tinge of sarcasm, and watch your essay work like a charm.


Use Real Life or Personal Examples, Judiciously

Using examples is the best way of showing that what you speak has substance accompanying the words. They need to be used judiciously though.

Using examples do help in forming a connection, but using them in excess forms a negative impression. So when you are bejeweling your narrative essay with experiences, don’t overdo it please.


End on a High Note

The content is everything when it comes to essays, but the introduction and the conclusion are the foundation on which the content stands.

In the concluding note, give a brief about your entire essay which helps the reviewer to get a clearer idea of what you want to convey. Trust us, a great text between an intricately written introduction and conclusion can be rivalled by few.


Proofread and Make It Error Free

When you put the last full stop, it is not the end. The final step before making your essay ready for submission is the proofreading. Check and recheck for any grammatical or formatting errors. An error free text makes it easy for the reviewers to delve into the flow needed to read. This definitely puts in more balls in your court.


To sum it all up, essay writing is an art, and a scholarship essay is no exception to it. When you write one, take interest in it and then start to scribe. Keep these points in mind and watch your essay thrive.


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